Engagement & Fatigue

Engagement & Fatigue

As our family drove down the interstate, taking my wife to Mother’s Day brunch, we passed a digital billboard:

Happy Mother’s Day from [personal injury attorney]!

Marketers today talk a lot about engagement.

But this post is about fatigue.

What if I told you that your fans are tired of hearing from you?

That, in chasing the almighty like, you’d lowered the bar for what is post-able.

That your product isn’t unique. And that you - and every one of your competitors - make the same tired, old claims. Shouting from every corner, cluttering up their streams.

It’s okay for your company to say nothing.

Better yet, it’s okay for your company to be quiet when it has nothing to say.

There is so much noise. So much content. So many voices.

Pick your spots.

Say less. Say fewer.

But when the time is right, speak up. Speak loud.

Be the dominate voice in the conversation.

Own the moment.

And then shut up again.

Get back to work. Create something worth taking about...and do it again.

Being Critical Without Being A Jerk

Being Critical Without Being A Jerk