Digital Marketing

Stop Wasting Valuable Advertising Dollars On Mismanaged PPC Campaigns


Growing A Bigger, Better Business

For any marketing effort, you want to know your money and attention are going to drive results - but that is especially true of digital advertising. By choosing a proven, Google-Certified Partner, you are making a wise first step to maximize the ROI of your campaigns. 



PPC advertising has cemented itself as a powerhouse for e-commerce and lead generation advertisers.  However, by becoming a mainstream tool, it has attracted 'managers' that lack the experience and expertise to run successful campaigns in a competitive marketplace.  With nearly a decade of experience as a Google-Certified Partner (in both AdWords & Analytics), I have the experience and expertise needed to successfully guide your PPC advertising.  From daily, ongoing management to actionable monthly reporting, you will have the transparency and information you need to feel confident about your company's investment in AdWords advertising.  Also, by partnering with a manager who is also certified in Analytics, I will help you establish a reporting framework that provides visibility across all traffic sources - not just AdWords. 


Social Media Advertising

As social networks continue to explore ways to monetize their traffic, social media continues to quickly evolve into a pay-to-play opportunity.  The rapid evolution requires an advertiser that is committed to monitoring the trends of successful campaigns.  I will develop a strategy for your business that leverages both paid and organic posts to drive the biggest results.  Don't waste valuable time and attention creating content that no one will see or that lacks cohesion.  Grow your business by capitalizing on the real-time opportunities to connect with your prospective clients. 


White-Labeled Services for Agencies

Clients are too important.  Don't risk them on inexperienced or overloaded team members.  If you represent an agency who is looking expand your services or capacity in PPC, I provide white-labeled PPC management for agencies just like yours.  As a 10-year agency veteran, I have managed AdWords accounts across a wide spectrum of industries and know exactly what it takes to super-serve your clients.  You will own the client relationship and I will do all of the heavy lifting.  Learn More ยป 


Still Not Sure? 

Check out Rob's Promise to all of his clients.  It gives a great sense of what a partnership with Rob would look like.