Marketing Consultant

Agencies are great, when you know what you need. But sometimes you don't know.  They can fall short when you need unbiased recommendations, a holistic understanding of your business, or a strategy for making better use of your current marketing assets.  In these situations, having an experienced consultant on your team can help drive results without needless costs or redundant projects.  Rob can provide an honest, expert opinion on the perfect course of action for your business - answering questions like:


Is this really what I need or am I just getting sold something?

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  For many small businesses, that is the hurdle they face when partnering with an agency.  Do I really need a new [insert here], or is that just being recommended because that is capacity the agency needs to fill?  In reality, most agencies are in the business of creating marketing resources - creative, web assets, etc.  And they apply enough strategy to put those resources in context, but not much more.  If you need a holistic, empathetic perspective, Rob can help!  As an unbiased third-party, Rob can provide the prospective that comes from a decade of agency work, without the questions surrounding his motivation.  Rob does not offer marketing services to his consulting clients - just consulting.  So you know you are getting unfettered, expert counsel. 


How do I know this will drive the results I am looking for? 

For most small and medium-sized businesses, it is essential that marketing drive the bottom line.  Most businesses don't have the luxury of fancy ad campaigns, which might win awards, but lack any form of accountability for results. Before you commit to your next large marketing initiative, allow Rob to guide you through developing a framework for measuring your marketing results. It will be well-worth the time to consider: a) what your current conversion rate is, b) if you can drive additional results from your current marketing assets, and c) if new assets are needed, have they improved your success for landing new customers.  Make your money count by making data-driven marketing decisions.


I want to update our marketing plan, but where do I begin?

If you have recently experience a significant shift in your business - new ownership, new competition, or new responsibilities for team members - it may be time to revisit how you are approaching your marketing plan.  No industry has changed more in the past ten years than advertising.  And if you are still doing things the way they have 'always been done', it might be time for a fresh perspective.  Rob counsels marketing departments through the process of updating their marketing plan.  With a special emphasis on utilizing the most modern resources available to marketers, Rob can lead your team through the process of exploring new tools and strategies that will likely improve your teams efficiency and effectiveness.  If you expect a significant shift in results, it's time to consider a significant shift in strategy.


Still Not Sure? 

Check out Rob's Promise to all of his clients.  It gives a great sense of what a partnership with Rob would look like.

Rob was great in helping our new company set up an online identity. He is accessible and can answer questions on a level that’s easy for most anyone to understand. He is very knowledgeable, understanding our company’s competition and individualizing our needs. I would highly recommend him to any company whether large or small.
— Susanne McKee