Agency Services - FAQ


Working with new folks can be challenging, especially when you are not sure what to expect.  Having worked with dozens of agencies, I have compiled a frequently updated list of the questions I most commonly receive. This will give you a great sense of how I roll...professionally speaking. 

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What advertising networks do you manage?

I have extensive experience with Google Ads (Search, Display, YouTube), Facebook, Instagram, Microsoft Ads, Apple Search, Amazon, & LinkedIn. 

Will Our Clients Know You are Managing Their Advertising?

Only if you want.  For many of my clients, I work exclusively in the background.  Through the various agency accounts provided by the advertising networks (Like the AdWords' MCC), there are ample methods for me to connect to your client accounts without flying a big, bright flag.  

Client communication is often done through the account manager, so the client relationship is wholly owned by the agency throughout the process. 

What do you charge?

I operate through a traditional retainer model.  We would agree on a block of hours (typically in 20 hour increments) and those hours would be available to you each month to use as you deem appropriate. 

My rates do fluctuate depending on the size & complexity of the work. But even on the high end, they remain reasonable, well below the agency's typical hourly rate.  In fact, most agencies mark up my time before passing it along to the client.  This allows the agency to retain a healthy profit margin regardless of whether the work is done in-house or outsourced. 

What Kind of Communication Should We Expect?

Timely & clear communication. For most of my agency clients, we communicate regularly through email and often share a Slack channel, too. While I won’t be in your office, it should feel like I’m just down the hall.

What is your ideal Partnership Look Like?

Partnerships typically work best with open communication and mutual trust.  If you do not trust me (or if I do not trust you), we are destined to fail. 

As for the accounts, I have had agencies utilize their block of hours by rotating a steady stream of accounts through my hands for optimization.  In my experience this does not generate the best result for the client.  

As such, it is almost always better for an agency to 'pass the baton' on a couple of accounts - for me to work with them over an extended period of time.  This allows me to get more familiar with the client, their industry, and their objectives.  As you have probably seen within your own walls, playing hot potato with accounts leads to a lack of accountability and a lack of results.  The same goes with outsourced help.  I want to deliver results to your clients on your behalf.  I am confident in my ability to do so and welcome the accountability that comes from taking the reigns. 

As a freelancer, are you going to flake on us?

I did not become a freelancer by accident.  This is my chosen profession, I absolutely love my work, and I am not going anywhere.  Subsequently, I am not secretly looking for a full-time gig, nor do I have plans to skip town as soon as things get comfortable.  I take my work seriously and thus will take your work seriously, too. 

Can you help with the proposal process?

Absolutely.  With a limited number of hours, I will complete the keyword research needed to outline the strategy and ad spend budget for an opportunity.  This provides the client with the prospective they need to make an informed decision, as well as expedites the account setup (if the work is awarded).