Rob has displayed a depth of knowledge and expertise that has led to result driven success for our company. His creativity, innovativeness and guidance brought the kind of support needed to exceed our expectations.
— Marsha Harrison

Happy Folks


Rob has a great mind for both marketing and operations (a rare combination), and that makes him a valuable player to have on your side, whether you're a startup or an established multi-million dollar business. When working with others, Rob's thoughtful and friendly demeanor puts people at ease and encourages everyone's best work.

— Clay McDonald

Rob is a rare and incredible marketing resource for any digital agency. As the owner of a digital marketing agency, I know how challenging it is to come across true talent in the digital advertising space. Rob draws from his years of experience to ensure results, freeing up agency owners to focus on continued growth without limiting capacity to keep driving results for their clients. 

— Kate Izell

If you're spending money on digital marketing but aren't up to the second on the latest changes and best practices, you may as well light a pile of cash on fire. Rob takes on the challenge of staying current in this quickly changing landscape to ensure his clients' budgets are spent wisely and efficiently. He's a thoughtful strategic partner focused on the right things: identifying and pursuing what really matters to help grow your business.

— Natalie Cook

Rob also did a fantastic job getting our firm's marketing plan together. I don't know a ton about marketing, but it was clear that our firm's approach was more modern and effective than other firms I have been around. He was a huge asset to our team.

— John shipp


Rob, you are a bad ass! I use Google Finance daily. Today (just now) in the far right of the page, there is the picture of [your clients]. Man, I wish you worked with me!

— David Hodges

Rob was great in helping our new company set up an online identity.  He is accessible  and can answer questions on a level that's easy for most anyone to understand. He is very knowledgeable, understanding our company's competition and individualizing our needs. I would highly recommend him to any company whether large or small. 

— Susanne Mckee

I know IT, but I don’t know advertising. Rob is always on the bleeding edge of marketing. If you’ve been doing your own Facebook and Google advertising, you are probably doing it wrong. Rob knows this stuff and can deliver. .

— Bradley Chambers

It is hard to find a digital marketing expert who can speak like a normal person and put technical things into perspective. I highly recommend Rob as a valuable contributor to any business that is trying to grow.

— Elliott Mellichamp